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Cricket is played outdoors in a team sport. Cricket originated in the United Kingdom, and gradually popular in the world. The sport requires a full physical and athletic ability to play. The sport is played every 11 players, between two teams.

Australia is the current world champion (2015). Countries such as India, Pakistan, England, South Africa, New Zealand, the West Indies and Sri Lanka also have the same dominant cricket team.


Cricket playing outdoors on the ground. The goal of the game is that a team should go into more runs than the opposing team. It’s all about cricketers trying to get into more runs while limiting scoring and firing opponents to the team. In addition, the document, one can carefully understand the game, its popular terms, and rules.

Team size

In the cricket, each side has 11 players, one of whom was appointed a captain. In addition to these 11 players, there are more players on each side who can only field as an alternative to injured players. The garrison should have 11 players and the opposition can play on the ground with only two-hitter hands.

A 15-man squad is required by all international competitions conducted by the cricket governing body, the International Cricket Council (ICC).


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