Cricket equipment

Due to the cricket bat and the ball game, the players are protected from wear without ever getting hurt. In this chapter, we will discuss all the important devices and devices used by players when playing games. Tens live

Bat – Bat is a special piece of wood, a handle in the top that holds and plays a very good engraving device. These changes in weight and size are associated with the hitter’s age and requirements.

Ball – This is a spherical object covered by cork and leather. The two pieces of leather are sewn around the cork ball. The ball test matches the color of the red and white ODI to match the T20.

Goalkeeper Gloves – These are worn on both hands to protect your fingers from injury. The fabric and leather stitched together perfectly fit the shape of the fingers and palms. The inner side of the glove is provided with a gap for a plurality of crotch tips for protecting the cork.

Bats Gloves – Compared to the goalkeeper gloves, this is the shape of the outer part of the gear similar, but smaller and softer. It is used to hold the bat firmly. The finger part of the glove has extra protection with a hard sponge on the outside area.

Guardian / Hitter Pad – These are the worn-out protectors of the hitter/keeper’s lower limbs. They are made of cloth and leather. The front of the mat is very difficult because here the hard plastic or wood sticks out below. The rear is a sponge and soft soothing and soothing leg. The goalkeeper pad is shorter than the batter pad.

Helmet – Head Gear Batsman/keeper holds the ball at the back of the stump or on the back of the stump. It is a mixture of metal and hard plastic. It has a metal grill in front to protect the surface.

Stamps – These are cylindrical, long and fragmented shapes that end the spear. To this end into the ground, in order to stand on the ground erected.

FISHING – Remove equipment that is placed on the smallest stump. It facilitates the easy decision by the referee to dismiss the cricket player when the ticket gate is broken.


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